Bonus - Habit Hacks

Just a few new habits can form a lifestyle change.

Here are some more tips for easier and more successful habit creations.

  1. Simple sticks. Keep your new habit simple and easy.
  2. Link your new habit to an existing one as a 'pair-trigger'. For example, link the new habit of practising Mindfulness WITH the exisiting habit of brushing your teeth.
  3. We are motivated by social queues. Create a group (either with family members, housemates or workmates) of people who are wanting to introduce the same new habit, and share the wins. Choose a convenient platform i.e. WhatsApp, Messenger, FaceBook etc.
  4. We respond more to immediate rewards than long term outcomes. How can you reward yourself each time you action your new habit?
  5. We respond better to positive outcome news, than the fear of the negative consequence of not doing the action. When you talk about why you are introducing the new habit, use language describing the benefits you are getting.

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